Friday, March 18, 2011

Let Rover teach you

Think of them as your conscience with fur.  These critters can teach you a thing or two about love, life, compassion and being content with what life offers you.

1. Unconditional Love and Loyalty

There may be some debate regarding this particular issue:  Are animals really capable of loving us unconditionally or are they conditioned to serve their purpose to us humans?

Let's not philosophize on this shall we?  romanticism or not, the point is, your pet dog, your pet cat, rabbit, gerbil or albino snake will never care if you don't have a fancy sports car, a fat bank account or a huge villa in Guam.  They're not gonna care if you work as stripper, a hooker or gigolo.

So you have left their food bowl empty the whole day and may have slapped them with a newspaper for leaving paw marks on the expensive rug you just bought.  But nonetheless, they're still there to lend you a listening ear when you want to rant about your pesky colleagues, a bad day at work and the guy who left you for a bimbo with bleach blonde hair.
I remember this "crazy dog lady" who used to roam around our downtown area with a bunch of dogs which look like they haven't eaten for days and yet, they stood by her, went everywhere she went, even when it meant starving to death.

People can philosophize on the meaning of unconditional love.  Their call.  And they can kiss my ass while they're at it.

Bottom line is, if we humans can stop saying "If" and "But" when it comes to loving and showing devotion to our family, friends and other half, perhaps, life would be a lot better. 

 2.  Trust your Instincts

Dogs and cats can sense danger before they arrive.  They know what goes on beneath the surface.  Most of us have lost this ability and our judgments are sometimes clouded with our emotions that we often times fail to see the dangers we could have avoided.

Learn to see through face value and pay attention to energy, non verbal cues and that nudging feeling that never goes away.

3.  Be content with what you have

Sometimes, I've often wonderedif my dogs have it easier.  For as long as I got good food and clean water, a roof to protect me and a loving master, I'd be fine.  But noooo...  I wanted more than what life could offer me, (or at least I could afford).  I wanted an iPad for reasons I'm still trying to figure out.  I wanted a fat bank account, a Hummer V, a penthouse, a villa somewhere in Hawaii, and a lot more than that.

Just like any other human, I could never settle for what I already have.  And don't think rich people have it easier as well.  Imagine how many of them commit suicide every year.  Why?  Because contentment is such a foreign word for us humans.

But it's different for our furry friends.  By just looking at how your cat purrs as she rests on your lap while you glide your hand through her fur or your dog waking up like everyday's Christmas, you realize that they're enjoying life's simple pleasures.

Learn to count your blessings.  It doesn't take a dog or a cat to make you realize that you are living a far better life than someone else in the world.   

3.  Learn to Listen

I'll admit it.  I could only listen to so much sob stories from a friend who has just broken up with her boyfriend or has found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her.  Getting a phone call from an emotional wreck is enough to ruin my day.  No offense.

But as much as most of us have no patience for sob stories and wet blankets, we also need someone to listen to us when we're having a bad day at work without them butting in on us in the middle of a conversation to answer a phone call or give us unsolicited advice.

Now that's the problem with most of us humans.  WE LOVE TO TALK.  We love to be heard.  But we rarely listen.

That's the good thing about our pets.  They're there to listen to you when you have a problem with your job, your girlfriend/boyfriend, or your life without any interruption or unsolicited advice.  They wouldn't mind if you cuss or rant about people they haven't met.  They're just there to give you an ear when you need one.

4.  Empathy and Compassion

You've seen them in the news:  A cat trying to resuscitate his dead feline companion or the dog who couldn't leave his canine friend behind in the rubbles somewhere in Japan in the tsunami aftermath.

Those snooty cynics may call it anthropomorphism.  I call it a good example of empathy and compassion.  How many people can actually stop by to help another person fix his car?  How many people would actually risk their life to save another person from getting hit by a speeding truck?  Chances are, you won't.  And if there was, then kudos to those unsung heroes.  But more often than not, no one would put their life on the line to save a stranger.

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