Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bad Textiquette

Cellphones have become as ubiquitous as tights and bangs.  Texting has also become the mode of communication du jour.  It's so fast, cheap and efficient that some people are already exploiting the convenience brought about by the text phenomenon.  Hence, the bad text etiquette or "textiquette".  To name a few:

1.  Sending cryptic text messages - If reading from a small screen isn't draining enough, try reading a text message that goes like this:  H3wWWWoOh 3\/rY1!!!!  Jejespeak, tween text or whatever text slang you can think of is not only crass and passe, it will also give the person you're sending the text message to a splitting headache and an eyestrain.

2.  Mass texting - Nothing ticks me off more than people who send out mass texts about things we couldn't care less about:  How she needs to take a crap, What her boyfriend bought her for their anniversary, Some weirdo sitting beside her in the train, etc.  We are not your diary and we couldn't give a rat's ass if your boyfriend gave you a bunch of tulips for your 5th month anniversary or if he looks so cute in his Hello Kitty boxers.  Seriously, get a Facebook account.  Or better yet, get a life.  

3.  Forwarding quotes and chain texts - Not everyone has the privilege of having a post-paid plan.  And converting your prepaid load to one day unlimited texting can sometimes be a pill (Only in the Philippines).  And most of us have something better to do than succumb to forwarding your stupid chain texts to 50 people for the fear of getting 10 years of bad luck.

Forwarded quotes, on the other hand are fine...  Unless I get 10 or more funny or inspirational quotes in one day from the same person.  I don't have the time of the day to read all of them, let alone spread the love, joy and annoyance to another busy person.  

4.  Text flooding - Don't you just hate it when some idiot makes your mobile phone beep like crazy by sending 10 successive text messages that looks like this:
  • Hi!
  • How are ya!
  • What's up? 
  • Going out tonight.
  • You coming?
  • Pls txt bak.
  • hahaha
  • are you?
  • dude?
  • hey
  • HEY!!
  • you there?
  • Hello?
Imagine getting 15 voice messages from the same person.  Pesky much?

5.  Texting in the middle of a conversation - It's just plain rude when someone you're talking to just whips out her phone and texts away while you're ranting about an asshole of a colleague or finding your boyfriend is seeing his ex and gets back to you with a "...Oh I'm sorry, what was that again?  Who's seeing who?"

6. Random texting - Texting random numbers not only shows your lack of social skills but also a very risky thing to do.  If you're lucky, you might be texting a pedophile, the seaside strangler or some psychopath on the loose.  Remember how your mom used to tell you not to talk to strangers?  Text messaging is no exception.


Anonymous said...

I realy hate receiving text in jejemon. It's so unprofessional and it shows that the person sending you the message doesn't respect you.

Urban Princess said...

I know... and apart from that... sakit sa ulo... Parang ayokong tapusing basahin. Good thing is, I haven't received a jejetext ever since. kung meron man, di ko na rin binabasa. :D

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