Friday, February 4, 2011

I found gold in Cyberlandia

And it only takes 5-20 minutes per day.

I already have a full time job and taking on another job which entails another 4 hours of my time is close to impossible, unless I'm android. But then again, single people like me don't live on an income that's enough to pay the bills and ensure survival for the next 15 days alone. I also want a fat savings account before my beau and I decide to settle down. I want to travel the world and have enough pocket money to shop and pay for a decent hotel accommodation. And most importantly, I want to buy an iPad without slaving for more than 10 hours a day for another year or two to pay for my credit card bills (LOL. ambabaw.)

It's not that I'm earning a minimum wage income. But I have a lifestyle to keep up and what I'm earning right now is not enough to finance my so-called philantropies (I am still, after all a social creature. NAKS.). Hence, the search other money making ventures. The internet is teeming with dozens of lucrative opportunities... But weeding out the possible scams is no walk in the park. (NOTE TO SELF: never believe anything in Craig's List. It's a cesspool for scammers). Good thing there are reliable review sites like PTC investigations and yahoo answers which provides legit answers from the users themselves.

So what have I been blabbing about for the past 2 minutes?

Bux. Paid-to-click.

Now before you close your web browser and turn the other cheek (or google for porn websites or check out your facebook page), you might want to reconsider giving it a whirl. I myself was a bit skeptical about PTC but I checked their forums, read the reviews and asked around as well. Besides, signing up is free and easy and the information they're asking is not enough to create damage.

To create an account, click the links below and click Sign Up or Join:

NOTE: You need to have a Paypal and Alertpay account as well. That's how you're gonna get your money. :)

For Neobux, click the banner below to sign up.

For Onbux, click the banner below to sign up.

For rjbux, click the banner below to sign up.

For iibux, click the banner below to sign up.

For Clicksia, click the banner below to sign up.


For Buxmatrix, click the banner below to sign up.

Sign up is really easy, and like what I said, you don't need to provide your credit card number and what not.


1. Alright, I have just signed up. What now?

Click View Advertisements. You'll be provided with links to the ads you're gonna view. You are given a few seconds to view the ads before the payment is credited to your PTC account.

2. How much do I get per click?

$0.01-$0.02 cents per click. Don't be fooled by PTC's offering more than $0.02. More often than not, they're scams.

3. 1-2 cents per click? Are you nuts?!

Well, miners don't get huge-ass chunks of gold right? They get teenie weenie nuggets which they collect melt and mold into gold bars. It's the same thing with PTCs. 4-5 clicks a day. and it's not just once a day. You'll be given ad links to click every 15-20 minutes or so. Keep clicking and clicking and you'll be surprised how much you'll be earning.

4. But seriously, 1-2 cents? That's gonna take forever to grow... right?

well, there are other ways you can speed that up:

Referrals = have people sign up and make you as their referrer (for the lack of terms). For every ad they click, you also earn 1 cent. So imagine if you can sign up 5-10 of your friends. I wouldn't recommend renting referrals from these sights though... Just tell your friends to create account, or better yet, get the code for the banners and referral links and post it to your website or facebook account. Don't forget to tag them. :)

5. I'm signing up my grandma for an account from one these PTC's. is that okay?

Sign up your dog, for all I care. For as long as they're fine with just clicking their way to the bank, then I'm cool with it. But remember, you're only allowed to use one computer. If you have logged in and clicked links with the computer you're using, your grandma, or dog or whoever it is who has an account with the same PTC you're using, will only be able to log in and click on ads after 24 hours. The same rings true with two or more people with separate PCs or laptops in the same location. Only one of them can access the PTC site. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow to log in and earn.

QUICK TIP: If your sister beat you to logging in to neobux, make a beeline to Starbucks and get frap while you click on ads. :) An hour internet there will only cost you P100.00.

6. I'm tired of click ads. What else is there to do?

Other PTC's, like Clicksia, offer the following:

  • Sign up offers
  • Traffic Exchange
  • Referral

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