Friday, November 5, 2010

Implementation of the Speed Limit: Epic Fail

Seriously, your measures have done nothing but worsen Davao's traffic situation. Yes, I understand... Your intentions are pure.... maybe. But seriously, it has done nothing to solve our traffic problems.

For starters, there are traffic lights sprouting all over the city like wild mushrooms. What Davao needs are traffic lights that ACTUALLY WORK, not traffic lights on every corner. I'm not exactly an expert on traffic management but I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure that we don't have to turn this city into one, giant christmas tree with red, yellow and green lights to avoid bottlenecking in our highways.

And then, there's the ridiculous speed limit. 40 kph for Petesake? Seriously. We might as well employ someone's grandma to drive our jeepneys. Yes, I've heard of the recent brouhaha over the "uso-uso" jeep incident, but do you have to take it out on everyone else? Okay, so that sounds a bit calloused. But here's a proposal. Instead of employing that stupid speed limit, why not ban the modifications on jeepneys? Or if you really, really have to implement a speed limit, why not increase it... AAAND ban modifications on jeepneys?

And why do you keep on pickin on motorcycles anyway? First, there was the banning on the modifications on motorcycles. And then there was this recent hubbub over the motorcycle pipes. Not every motorcyclist is as indolent and stubborn as you think. Now, if you still have a problem with other people with motorcycles, take it out on the "habal-habal" drivers. As a matter of fact, why not ban them as well? They've done nothing but worsen our impending traffic situation. And most of those drivers don't have licenses, just so you know. They don't even wear helmets.

And going back to the jeepneys. I don't understand why you tolerate having them stop by every corner they see and holler for more passengers that don't even bother to get in their jeepneys. Not only are they causing a bottleneck in the Toril, Matina and Bahada areas, but they're also earning the ire of most of their passengers who are in a rush to get to work on time. And then, there are passengers who don't understand the purpose of a waiting shed and can't read road signs like "No Loading and Unloading".

Your father's administration has proven itself effective on keeping the peace and order all over the city. But you can't even improve our current traffic situation. Harsh much? No. Because I have every right and reason to rant about it, being a resident of Davao for 20 something freakin years and a concerned citizen.

Now, don't get me started on the sikads, and taxi and jeepney drivers frequently switching lanes.

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