Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Halloweenie!!

I know it's not the time of the year yet but like what I've experienced some time ago, it's better to come prepared than to come up with something stat, just a few days before the big Halloween shindig. Yeah, I know... Halloween's just for kids and I'm too old to go around the neighborhood to ask for candies and stuff. But heck with it! I'm only gonna be someone else like, ONCE A FREAKIN YEAR! So spare me the yapping. Anyhoo, since I will never be caught dead donning the usual Halloween generics (e.g. fairy, mermaid, genie, a disney princess, a sexy goth or a vampire) and steam punk is a little too elaborate (not to mention, expensive and taxing for my taste), I decided to tap my inner geek and be one of those kick-ass comic book/video game/Sci-fi characters (And seriously, Catwoman and Wonderwoman is out of the question). I've only come up with 5 characters so far so I might need a little help on how I could get their look for less.

And if you have a better idea, give me a holler... Or post a comment here. Any other character suggestion is greatly welcome here.

Princess Leia Organa, Star Wars

With this one, I think I'll go for the more secured, God-forbid-it-might-fall-off-or-break-apart free, tamer and cheaper version of this costume. It looks pretty much like a wardrobe malfunction waiting happen but I'd be happy to risk it.
Another downside: I have barely 4 months to get rid of my love handles. :(

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

This is one of the easiest costumes to put together. A black or sky blue XXS tank top, a pair of mini cargo shorts, work boots or military boots, knee socks, a couple of holsters, a pair of plastic hand guns, braids and a cuff bracelet in leather and I'm good to go. The only problem is, Where the hell am I gonna get those boots for less than 500 bucks?

Zoey, Left 4 Dead

Suppose I get a tad too lazy to wear anything a little dramatic, I'd go out as Zoey from Left 4 Dead. Red track jacket, a pair of jeans, black sneakers, straight hair tied up in a messy pony tail and a pair of hand guns. Heck, I could even dress like her every freakin day, sans the guns.

Miho, Sin City

Yeah, yeah, I don't look oriental enough to pass for this look, but hey, Never underestimate the power of a good liquid eyeliner, straightening serum and flat iron. :)

Queen Gorgo, 300

I know I said before that I'm over those long, flowy dresses and the whole Grecian vibe is a little passe but I'm willing to give Queen Gorgo a try. Besides, it shows just the right amount of flesh and by the looks of it, it looks pretty easy to put together.

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Victoria said...

I'm TOTALLY going as Lara Croft for Halloween

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