Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Learning through writing

"Foreign exchange is easier if you have the right tools."

I said it. Flat out loud.


"Foreign exchange... Forex. You were looking for an online racket right? But the software could cost around $500."

My best friend gave me a perplexed look as he continued to listen to me explain the basics of foreign exchange and the necessary softwares.

"And that's how it works." I concluded rather triumphantly, slapping my knee as I looked his way. I was met with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms.

"Okay, who are you and what did you do to my bestfriend?"


"Seriously... You can't even stand watching Bloomberg for fifteen seconds and you're raving about the benefits of delving into foreign exchange?"

He let out a giggle of disbelief as he patted my back. "How did you become such an "expert" on foreign exchange all of the sudden?"

"I wrote an essay on it... well, ten, actually."

"10? Are you kidding me? Who'd be crazy enough to let you write 10 essays on foreign exchange?"

Blame it on

Some people write to earn. I, on the other hand write (in in order to learn.

Why not?

Salary's just besides the point. Heck, if I'd like to earn big bucks, then I would've become a call center agent by night and risk looking like a zombie by day.

No thanks. I'll pass. I have yet to sacrifice my social life, the only thing keeping me sane and human for the moment.

Okay, maybe salary was the major reason why I stumbled upon their ad in I was flat out broke when my students left for Korea after my brief tutoring stint a month ago.

My social life was at stake and I needed to look for a new part time job fast.

Desperate as I am, I decided to scour Cyberlandia for possible career opportunities, most of which turned out to be scams (Note to self, never look for jobs in Finally, after scouring the net for more than 8 hours of supposedly my sleeping time, I landed upon this curious ad by, stating their need for 99 writers. Great. Another scam. Not falling for that again.

But rejection upon rejection by high nosed publishing companies made me decide to give a try. Could be worth something, I thought.

Fast forward one month and two weeks later, I'm sitting in Starbucks, enjoying my Dark Mocha Frap in my Ukay ukay Bohemian frocks bought with my very first salary in (P710. Yeah boy!) and writing this blog.

Yeah, I know. I can get more than P710 bucks if I got my behind off my swivel chair and look for a real part time job but then, I can't complain. I've learned more about different career options in health care and foreign exchange than I would with watching Bloomberg and listening to my friends talk about life as a nurse. And meeting new friends from all over the country is an added bonus.

Dad wasn't all too happy with my part time job or my career choice. I remembered having a chat with him over pizza and garden salad one night and hearing him say most writers only get rich when they're dead. But that didn't stop Stephanie Meyer from writing those craptastic vampire love stories (no offense to Twilight fans). Nor did it stop Bob Ong from publishing his pseudo-intellectual ramblings and laughing all the way to the bank (Not that I hate Bob Ong). And it's not stopping me either. Well, I haven't earned much to prove him wrong but when you're passionate about your craft and getting more out of it, who needs to prove anything?


callcenterguy said...

As long as you are happy with what you are doing, then by all means do it! I know someday you'll be known as a great writer!

Urban Princess said...

thanks... :) hopefully... writers here don't make alot... even the really really really good ones...

steff said...

hello urban princess..

you seem to be happy with your writing? so what seems to be bothering you? hmmm..

I would like to invite you to browse my site.. i hardly use blogger now, instead i use wordpress, in that way, I get to monitor how many readers have actually viewed my site. its:

I actually doing a research now about Filipinos so into with skin whitening. Maybe you can share me ur ideas/insights on the matter. A couple of posts already, including glutathione and all sorts.

I am hoping to hear from you soon. And will be glad to answer you comments/opinions.

See you urban princess..

Maldito said...

ma try nga to..
baka dito pa ako yayaman.ahahaa
thanks for the warning though..

Urban Princess said...

hahahaha. :) maldito, masayang trabaho to. :) kahit pang extra extra, okay na okay na.

kelangan ko lang kasi ng extra cash para sa chics ko. hahaha.

Charlene Conde said...

hello po, mag tatanong lang tungkol sa experience nyo sa

Mag a apply lang po sana ako medyo kinakabahan ako dahil yung mga sinalihan ko dati scam din.

Pano po ba ang pag bigay ng mga assign articles sayo? everyday? at me kailangan ba silang minimum word count ?

Pano naman po ang payments? per week or per article?

thank you po in advance ^__^

Urban Princess said...

hi charlene... sorry ngayon lang ako naka reply. medyo inactive na kasi ako with bihira nalang akong makapag sulat with them kasi may full time job ako and medyo demanding ang trabaho ko kaya yun... lie low muna. actually, nagbabayad talaga sila. kung medyo marami rami akong nasulat with them, siguro mas malaki ang kinita ko. kaso, I could barely write 10 articles for them for 1 day kasi busy. But seriously, free ang sign up aaaaand... very legit. :)

Urban Princess said...

ang articles... kaw bahala. :) kung feel mong magsulat, pili ka sa mga list of topics nila. depende sa number of words or ilang articles ang nirerequest ng client ang bayad. nakasaad na sa pinili mong assignment yung details ng request nila, including the price.

pero unahan ang pagpili ng assignment kasi baka ang mga topics na available eh, di mo kabisado. pero, kelangang di ka mapili. 24-48 hours ung alotted time para masubmit mo.

usually, it's around 350-500 points per set (1 point=1 peso)

join ka na!

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