Thursday, June 18, 2009

When beauty becomes beast

": And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And beauty stayed his hand. And from that day on, he was as one dead."
-Carl Denham, Kingkong 2005

Boy sees girl, sees her hair shine with the light from the sun. Boy falls madly in love. And in a not-so-strange twist of fate (and a little bit of luck, I may add), a series of events in your typical mainstream coming-of-age-flick fashion leads Girl into the arms of Boy... And the rest is history.

Fast forward three months later. Her hair still shines with the light from the sun. Still the same pretty smile. But boy finds not the fair creature he once pined for but a vile, lecherous beast with a capital "B" (for major bitch of epic proportions).

So what went wrong?

Familiarity breeds contempt is just a simple way of putting it. Let me give you an insight on love at first sight: There's a reason why Friar Laurence's letter didn't make it in time for Romeo to learn the tragic news of Juliet's alleged passing through Balthasar. Had they both lived, things would'nt have been any prettier either.

So just a word of warning kiddos, the next time you find yourself beguiled by little miss Mary Sunshine's captivating smile, remember :

"Even the sweetest of candies can be as sour as hell inside."
-Detective Vera Cruz, Jawbreaker 1999

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