Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm getting old..

It is when you feel like your music preference tends to get stuck in one era or worse, tend to backtrack to decade earlier that you get the feeling that you are, indeed, getting old.

It took me months to figure that out. I remember my mom tuning in to this station in the radio, featuring songs by Frank Sinatra, The Platters, The Monkees, Spiral Staircase and what-have-yous. I think I'm headed to that direction.

You see, you can tell the age of the person by the music he or she listens to. My ipod playlist never got past Usher's last hit and the rest? It's all Smashing PUmpkins, Jeff Buckley, Incubus, Garbage and Jason Mraz. The most novel you could find from my playlist was a # 1 hit in the Billboard top 10 some 2 years ago. I was not even a big fan of Emo. Not that I hated the whole trend though. I'm just not a big fan. So what does that tell you?

I grew up in the era where real musicians made REAL music. And I'm not even talking about the Spice Girls and the whole boyband, girlband bubblegum pop phenom.


Maldito said...

im not really sure but i think im also getting old..nyahahahay...i prefer lifehouse, cranberries,alanis morissette, sarah mcclalan...bahala na mali mali ang spelling.lols.

may point not really into the current music scenes na..maybe we are stuck sa era natin na good music means flash back memories...

shit.....napaglumaan na ba tayu ng panahon? hu hu hu

Urban Princess said...

tumatanda lang talaga tayo maldito... :)

masakit mang aminin sa sarili... huhuhu....

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