Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why breaking up with him is never an option

3 years, 8 months and 21 days. How we managed to put up with each other's idiosyncracies and what not still remains a big conundrum. But here's just a couple of guesses, to name a few.

1. Love. Cliched but very true. Besides, if this ain't love, then I don't know what is.
2. The last cutie I meet is either gay, taken or into some kinky sex trip involving 3 girls or more, farm animals and what not.
3. It's not everyday I get to meet and fall inlove (eventually) with a guy who'd still think I'm the hottest girl alive since Taija Rae, after I fart like a foghorn, barf in his car, and neglect showers for a week.
4. It's not everyday I'd meet someone who'd come up with the cheesiest shit like "Miniscall kita kasi na mi miss na kita."
5. The thing is, I still am like any other girl. I fall for a guy who makes me laugh so hard I'd crap my pants.
6. Enormous... talent? The guy's a good dancer, choreographer, skilled mechanic, great actor, certified funny guy, great cook, plays the guitar and drums, etc. There's nothing that guy can't do except sing. (And if you're thinking about something else, well, yeah... that's besides the point)
7. He's no singer but he sings with all his heart. I don't mind being serenaded by someone who sounds like a howling dog.
8. I hate the idea of being a damsel in distress but it won't hurt to have some big hunk of a guy to protect me when the occasion calls for it.
9. Being treated like a princess is one of my guilty pleasures.
10. We're just so perfect for each other: He loves to cook, I love to eat.
11. Believe me. That guy knows how to put make up on.
12. He's a better shopping buddy than some of my gal pals. no offense.
13. He's hot... in his own little way.
14. A guy who's not afraid to show his sensitive side isn't someone you bump into everyday. He cries in the movies, prefers romantic comedies over slasher movies and gives me most of the popcorn. But don't get me wrong though. Between me and him, he is still the one wearing the pants.
15. Kids? he loves them to death. And he wants one of his own too. Well, not that I have a problem with that but now's definitely not the right time.
16. The things he makes me do when he goes all goo goo eyed on me.
17. Don't be fooled. Beyond that tough, macho layer lies a sensitive soul sans the songwriting poetry shit.
18. I can't exactly imagine being stuck in a house with any other guy than him.
19. The way he chuckles.
20. The way he bites his lower lip and gives me the "come hither" look... sexy...
21. The way he raises his eyebrows.
22. The way he raises his eyebrows AND bites his lips and gives me the "come hither" look.
23. How he convincingly acts like a queer.
24. The way he makes fun of me in a not so irksome way.
25. How he manages to stay up so late to wait till my shift ends at 6 am.
26. How he'd rather not be anywhere else without me.
27. How I'd rather not be anywhere else without him.
28. Our farting sessions.
29. How he shifts from being a proud lion to a cute little kitten when he's with me.
30. He babytalks.
31. How he makes pigs look like the cutest creatures alive. He even calls me one too.
32. When he tries to lull me to sleep with his humming or the sound of his snore, even when we're just on the phone.
33. His husky voice when he has just woken up.


Anonymous said...

Oh this me? Hahahha..even if you will ask princess fiona,,,,ur guy and me is soo must be the luckiest gal in the planet...

now i dont believe that I am the only kind in this world...there's two of us pala..ahahaha

Urban Princess said...

wahahaha... :) ang swerte din ni princess fiona na nakatagpo xa ng isang nilalang kagaya sayo... hehehe. wanopakind... :)

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