Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Grades does not gauge ones mental capacity. A singko does not make you a moron, nor does an uno validate your genius. Grades only measure how well you fare inside the classroom or how good you are at brownnosing your teacher into passing you, bribing her with gifts, flattery and false interest. You can be a smart ass without actually passing your quizzes and such. Einstein and Bill gates never made it to receiving their college diplomas but they were institutionalized. Carlos Bulosan never made it past 3rd grade but he was a literary genius. He was one of the country’s pioneers in Proletarian Literature (Sumalangit na po ang kaluluwa niyo Allos.).

Easier said than done.

I’m no Bill Gates and I don’t have half the brains of Einstein, not even a quarter maybe but definitely I’m no idiot. I am aware of that.

But singkos to me are like an alien invasion from outer space: a remote but terrifying possibility. I could never take it if I do earn a 5 in my class card. I might even kill myself, God forbid. For most people, it may be as normal as tapsilog for breakfast or garbage on the streets of Manila. But I’m not most people. Like what I said, I don’t consider myself a genius of epic proportions, but I’m no idiot as well. A tres will do for now.

But as much as I dread singkos, I don’t have the heart to drop my subject. I’m no quitter. If I can still manage to pull my grades up, then why the hell not? Heck if he thinks I’m not cut for it. I can learn the ropes if I put my heart onto it.

But my morale is dropping and I’m hanging by a thorny cliff. Should I pull myself up with my bleeding hands or should I plunge into the depths below, have my brains splattered all over the place?

I’m tired already. Maybe I should just let it go and surrender. Isn’t that what he wants me to do? Raise the white flag and admit defeat?

Heck! He can have his victory! He can gloat for all I care. I’m giving up. Now he can throw a party in the name of victory. Here, have a balloon.

Now, I can have my freedom. I’ve never thought defeat can be this liberating. Just don’t give a singko or I’ll hunt you down.

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