Friday, December 26, 2008

The worst of 2008

Strange how time flies. Didn't we just celebrate the coming of 2008? In a few days, it's gonna be 2009. What does this year have in store for this country?

Well, who knows right? Anyway, here's a run down on trends that should just remain in 2008... So help me God...

1. Shutter shades

No trend is more senseless than shutter shades... they looked bad in the 80's as they did this 2008.... For the life of me, I could never get the idea behind those awful eyewear...

2. Crocs

How many times do I have to rant about this hideous piece of footwear? More so, how many times do I have to say it only looks cute on 5 year olds running amok the sea shore and not on some promenading 20 sumthing yuppie in the mall?

3. Black stockings on shorts

Okay, I'm guilty of strutting down the streets in black stockings. I have to admit, it does kinda look cute on Blair Waldorf and Serena Vanderwoodsen. But with shorts? Wouldn't that spell redundant?

4. The assymetrical bob

Well, for one thing... I couldn't have one since... I have curly hair. Bitter much? Well, we do have to admit, it only looks good on certain individuals...

5. the huge scarves

I understand Jessica Alba has to strut around with the hug ass scarves since Winter wasn't over yet by the start of 2008... But Boy Abunda wearing one in the Philippines? What is wrong with the world today? The clincher? Straight men having a hankering for those knitted, checkered scarves to top off their emo look... the things you do for fashion... even guys have become victims themselves...

6. peep toe boots

Glad 2008 is over... so I could say goodbye to this trainwreck of a hybrid. I hope someone would gun down the idiot behind this outrageous fad...

7. Headbands with big bows

Can we just leave this trend to a very lucky few who could pull this off, like Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl? Throw it away before someone grabs your head and mistakes it as a christmas present...

8. Bright tights

Is that why we got so much traffic last 2008? Please, enough of the bright colors... Have mercy on the motorists...

9. Ripped pants

It's a waste having to tear off your best pair pants for this fad... Who wants to look like a hobo?

10. Gladiator sandals

I could live with the ankle length gladiators... but knee length? pfft... I never regretted not having bought 1 pair let alone in see through plastic... I wondered why this ever became popular in the first place... And don't get me started on those hideous tan lines it produces on your calves or ankles...

11. Neo punk and emo look

The bob... the uneven, choppy bangs... the high tops over ultra skinny jeans... The knee length converse sneakers... the list goes on...

12. platform heels

We've had enough of the Spice Girls trend circA 95... why bring it all back?


1. Shoulder pads
2. Afro hair
3. Platform shoes... puhlease...
4. Baggy jeans (breakdowns)
5. Mullet and the 80's permed hair do.

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