Saturday, December 20, 2008

going home

anticipation creeps in. 2 days more. 2 days more... lights turned off, i closed the door behind me. My room, a dark gaping hole, void of the once boisterous sound of Disturbed, Rammstein and other tunes reeking of metal and highschool nostalgia. Of Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers blaring from the TV. "Your watching disney channel..." Soon, they too will follow the footsteps of former mouseketeers, shedding their vestal cocoon to reveal wanton wings of scandals and controversies. Britney has paved the way. Lindsay Lohan has followed suit. Vanessa Hudgens is on her way. Miley Cyrus could be next...

I closed the door behind me. The hallway, somber and silent, sighed with the echoes of my footsteps. My luggage trailed behind me on its wheels. I step outside the lobby to be greeted by the sounds of the whizzing traffic. The sound I once enjoyed in my 15 minute 12 midnight breather after hours of pounding my brains out with homework, research and advanced readings, wondering if I have learned enough to consider myself worthy to be a student from this university. Now I could only hope for silence to bid me goodbye.

I fed my luggage to the car's open trunk. "Be going to Taguig. Be stayin there till my flight on Monday. Figured it'd be closer to the airport and my cousin's gonna take me there." I told my friend before I hugged her goodbye. "Bring me a shell when you get back." She replied. I smiled and entered the car.

2 days more and I'll be flying back home. I close my eyes and see myself walking along the shores of Samal, waves nipping at my toes. My hand on his, we trace the shores with our bare feet. Finally, I'll see him again. I open my eyes and see my dorm from the rear view mirror. Like a puppy, he throws back a sad, longing look.

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