Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in the call floor...

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
With the kids jingle belling
And everyone telling you "Be of good cheer"
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

"Thank you for calling. Happy Holidays!" Crystal greeted cheerily as she bade Mrs. Smith goodbye. "Click!". The line went dead. What rudeness. She thought as she paused for a 5 second breather before hitting the "Manual In" button. Her smile suddenly dissolved into a sullen scowl.

It was already 11:30 in the evening. Half an hour more. The floor was already alive with customer calls, complaints and last minute orders for replacements. The lights on the call master blinked on and off like the lights on the christmas tree that stood 5 feet from where she was sitting. Supervisors were scampering around for assistance. Dana from across her pad was hyperventilating. The light on her call master was blinking furiously as she put her customer on hold. She frisked her pad for the orange flag and waved it anxiously at the only available supervisor who has just got off from another customer complaint. "She didn't get her order!" she panted.

11:40. "Finally!" She muttered as she quickly pressed the aux button before she could get another call. Her first 15 minute break. She took off her headset and set it aside by her table. With a sigh of relief, she sinks in to her swivel chair and closes her eyes. Her mind drifts off to a far yet familiar place- A house alive with the laughter of her nieces and nephews as they gather around the Christmas tree surveying the piles of gift that lay hidden under it like buried treasures. I wonder which one's mine? She asked herself as she joined the hunt with the young ones. In a corner stood a palm sized green box wrapped in a golden lace ribon. A little cardboard tag with "Crystal" written in italic lay limp on its side. Delighted, she reaches for it and shakes it, surveying what the curious little box has in store for her. Jewelry? A branded watch? Money? A thumb sized boyfriend maybe? She put down the box under the tree as the night breeze brought a whiff of the most wonderful aroma of hand prepared spread highlighted by the lechon de leche and hamon. Her sullen face now eased into that of mirth. Walking outside, she was greeted by a chorus of little voices singing Christmas carols accompanied by the clinking metal bottle caps of their make shift tambourines.

"Miss Echavez!"

Suddenly, the laughter of the children, the carols and the aroma of freshly baked ham quickly dissolved into the frenzy of queued customer calls, frantic agents and supervisors running around like mother geese attending to their helpless goslings.

"Miss Echavez." Her reverie was perturbed by a hand that landed on her shoulder.


A man clad in a white polo shirt said as he briskly pointed to his wrist. His face, serious yet void of austerity indicative of a supervisor under enormous pressure. Embarassment formed patches of red on her cheeks. "Sorry sir." She said as she smiled coyly. "No sleeping in the call floor. and Manual In, ASAP!" He added coldly as he trailed off to the Supervisor pad 10 steps from her own desk. Pasalamat ka pogi ka... Sungit! She thought as she reluctantly grabbed the head set and took a gulp from her coffee mug. Here goes. She sighed as she reached for the "Manual In" Button but her eyes fell on the shiny green box tied up with a satin gold ribbon that stood beckoning near the call master. A beige cardboard tag with her name in italics lay limp on its side.

She looked up to the company clock. It was 12 midnight.


Anonymous said...

Nice one! Is this story true? or is it fictional? Merry Christmas Drea!

Urban Princess said...

Thanks... not really... fiction lang... naaalala ko lang kasi mga masasayang araw ko sa call floor... :)

Maldito said...

Merry xmas gurl frend!ahahahhaa...went there this xmas and found manila cool...but i hate the way people transport..ahahha.nakakalito ng mga places..

Im planning to transfer there...soon...trying to catch my better luck there..

Merry xmas and a happy new year gurl!

-nosebleed ako.lols

Urban Princess said...

toink... :) maayong pasko sad... :) kita kita lang tayo dun sa land of milk and honey...

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