Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I know my sisters will be reading this. Consider this a desperate cry for help. I'm this close to giving up. My first week in school was torture. I am not dumb. Mind you. If anything, I may be level-headed. Pseudo intellectual. But level-headed doesn't cut it. Bluffing no longer works here.

The people in that school is just so fucking brilliant that I'm this close to grabbing a gun and pointing it at my temple and pulling the trigger. Nothing frustrates me than being in class totally clueless and lost.

UP D. The place is home to the country's most brilliant minds. That freakin school has become a household brand I tell ya. Kahit pasang awa ka sa UP, mataas pa rin ang tingin ng mga tao sayo. Siyempre, it's like the school says it all.

This is my first week in school and I'm losing my morale. It would take more than a pat on my shoulder to uplift my dampened spirit. Takyapo...

Wish me luck. Nay, wish me alive before the sem ends.


Anonymous said...

Kaya mo yan.

Father mo ba si Modesto?

Urban Princess said...

modesto? nope... :) hehehe... thanks sa pep talk... :) nakakaraos na rin sa wakas :)

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