Saturday, November 29, 2008

what makes a strong woman

Is it her ability to accept her roles without question? Or her ability to question and defy it? Is it her willingness to set aside romance for her career? Or her willingness to be behind the career of her man?

What makes a strong woman?

Is it her ability to look infidentility right in the eye and dismiss it as a norm? To take it all in shedding only a silent tear for each women he comes home to every night? To be able to stand regal despite not being the only one who keeps him warm at night? To be consoled with the fact that he will always come back after painting the town red...

Or is it her ability to say "Enough is enough" as she packs her bag and leaves all these craziness behind?

Is it her ability to love like a man does? Uncontent with only one pair of men's arms? To say "Love is only a game. An excuse to get laid." To enjoy sex a la carte?

Or is it her willingness to take the risk and step down from her pedestal to follow thy heart?

What makes a strong woman?

Her ability to hide tears in a guise of a silent smile and a clenched fist? Or unabashed show of emotions and her awareness on what powers a woman's tears have on anyone and uses it to her advantage?

The word "strong" is a vague term. Even vaguer, the concept of a strong woman. For a woman can be strong when she is able to assume each role without a hint of defiance. On the other hand, she can be strong when she can say, out loud, that "There's more to me than being a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a lover."

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Axel said...

The word "Strong" for me can be defined to be the ability of that person to show his/her true self without worrying what others might think and being true to himself/hereself...

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