Sunday, November 9, 2008


Buena mano talaga.. My first 24 hours in Manila was greeted by a tremendous shower, a sign that a storm is about to hit the country. I couldn’t imagine anything worst than being stuck in the dorm with nothing to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Oh yeah, this is Manila. Anything worst than that is bound to happen. Especially to a southerner like me. Manila. I’ve always imagined this as the most unforgiving place for someone who’s less informed and naive as I am. Yes, I am naive. Deal with it.
Parting with my mum and dad was even more melodramatic as I have imagined it would be. This is my first time, after all, to be separated from them after 24 years of residing in the nest. Now, I’ve gone past the "failure to launch" stage. I have finally launched from the nest. I am now (quasi) independent. On my own.
Had the rain not arrived in full throttle, I wouldn’t have been stuck inside the lobby waiting for the net to be up to explore the cyber world. On the other hand, the rain might have saved me a day in my life somehow. Who knows what lies outside this building.
I just need to constantly remind myself that life here is a far cry from the safe and sound environment of Davao. Life in the big city isn’t a walk in the park. That I know very well. But then again, my sister has lived her life here, alone as well for 13 freaking years. If she can manage, so can I... I hope...
Wish me luck.

2 comments: said...

you'll be fine. this experience will make you a better writer.. :)

Urban Princess said...

i sure hope so... :) well, so far, nakakaraos na rin... sarap kumain sa UP dil.

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