Sunday, November 2, 2008

costume party

i'll admit it... I still am a geek. If there's one other thing apart from my boyfriend, friends, family and the net that keeps me busy, it's animes and manga. And if there's one other guilty pleasure I'll admit to aside from those occassional campy teeny bopper movies, it's.... (drumroll) cosplay.... :) Had I been born part Japanese with alabaster skin and stick straight hair and that quirkily cute face, I'd be in every damn anime convention dressed up as Rinoa or Chii from Chobits... But considering my age, skin color and well... my hair... I think I'll leave that to those who look a tad better in an anime school girl uniform...

Anyway, our first family halloween party provided me with a perfect excuse to don that anime school girl costume: COSTUME PARTY... How I got myself to wear that costume, I don't exactly know... But one thing's for sure... it's going to be the last... besides, halloween only comes once in a year... :) And I won't be here long enough for them to remember what I even wore that night... And another thing, it's either that or the Playboy Bunny... And I figured, they'd rather see me look like an extra from Britney Spear's "hit me baby one more time" video than a slut with bunny ears and a fluffy tail....

How I managed to get myself to wear that,
I don't exactly know.... But it was fun

my cousins messing around with the quirky masks...

is this supposed to be scary?

Me, before the party... I was a bit too mortified

to come out of my room looking like this...

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