Saturday, October 18, 2008

Taming the wilderbeast: An analysis

I remember being constantly forewarned by my friends and parents alike, against these obnoxious creatures. But that never really stopped me from going after them.

Bad Boys. Droogs. The guys from the other side of the track. Siga. Choy2x. Ang maginoong bastos.

Notorious not only for wreaking destruction and chaos everywhere they go but also for breaking the hearts of the unfortunate wide eyed catholic school girls. For the life of me, I have never fancied Mr. Straight Arrow, heedless of whatever I've been through with the previous ones.

Alex De large

Ever brooding and sexily sinister, the allure of the archetypal anti-hero proves to be more powerful than the good natured protagonist and the proverbial knight in shining armor. Is it the way they constantly brood at you? Their smolderingly intense eyes? Or that devilishly sexy smirk?


Ask any girl if they'd rather tame a wild beast or make a lion out of a house cat, and chances are, they'll go for the latter more or less. Bringing out the wild side of a mild mannered gentleman is easy. Anyone can do it with their eyes and legs closed. But where's the fun in that?

Am I the only one who thinks Chuck Bass is sexy?

A bad boy, on the other hand, holds a certain fascination; the kind that makes them so hard to resist. Relinquishing them would only make you wish they'd insist harder. I couldn't exactly remember saying no to these men in my foolish youth.

What exactly do they have to offer?

For one, security isn't part of the package. Being with them is always at your own risk. But what makes them worth the risk?

Nice guys lack spontaneity and a sense of adventure. A bad boy can offer you that and alot more. Think being swept off your feet when Alladin offers you a ride in his magic carpet. Beats an hour ride in a Lamborghini. A day with them is like a box of chocolates. You'll never know what you're gonna get. And sadly, you'll never know how long the ride would last. You only have a vague idea of how it all will end.

And there is the never ending challenge of whisking them away from Neverland. In reality, these bad boys are nothing but children-- spoiled, selfish and immature. But we love them anyway. And making them grow up to be fine gentlemen proves to be a rigorous feat. I've only known a few who has succeeded. But hopeless romantics as we are, there's always hope. We are aware that beneath that tough exterior lies a sensitive soul with a conscience, no matter how much they conceal it with layers of machismo. It's okay guys... no need to be shy about it... Sensitivity is a pussy magnet, just in case you don't know...

Lastly, we have this undying notion that a bad boy reformed is a genuine keeper. A player who has grown tired of the game will no longer seek greener pastures. Instead, they will settle on the meadows they're grazing right now, provided that the green, succulent grass won't dry out and die.

If you succeed in taming a wild beast, you're lucky to have yourself a companion more loyal than man's best friend.


I've been asked the same question over and over again. But time and again, I could only say... I have no idea.

There's no tested and proven formula in reforming a bad boy. Forced goodness will only make them worse once they've had enough of your nagging and smothering.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know how I forced my current beau to mend his ways... If I did force him.

But here's the thing. Even your most cunning and clever moves will never work unless your prospect is willing to cooperate. He must be the one to WANT the change and not you. The only thing you need to figure out is how you can make him want to change his ways. tricky much?


Anonymous said...


yan lang ang magpapaamo
sa mga badboys


Urban Princess said...

me punto ka... :) hehehe...

love, age and time tames (or even castrates) the wild beast...

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