Saturday, October 4, 2008

In a state of "emophoria"

(Another attempt to poetry... Yeah, I know... I suck....)

Here lies my heart
All shattered pieces of it
Along with a thousand happy memories
Of seeing the sun shining on your face

Here lies the remnants of my dreams
of watching the moon rise amidst the clouds
of watching the faint quivering stars
reflecting on the still ocean on a summer night
in the comforts of your arms

Of two bodies becoming one amidst the sea of
crisp white sheets
Of falling into deep slumber entwined
Of waking up in the sound of your breathing

Here lies my happiness
My once blissful state, obliterated
like so many hopes and dreams unfulfilled
scattered inside this lone ivory casket
that holds the form that was once my
pillar of strength
my refuge... a stale and lifeless form

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