Monday, October 6, 2008

xoxo Gossip Girl

Spotted: A by the veranda, sipping on some decaf while watching Gossip Girl at 3 am in the morning...

The more I delve into the lives of these Upper East Side brats, the more I realized the gang of Dawson Creek has just revamped themselves and moved to New York with more money, , more drama, an ubiquitous narrator/blogger/ gossipmonger and better outfits... Nay.... Better is an understatement. In fact, if I had half of Blair Waldorf's and Serena Van der Woodsen's closet, I wouldn't even have to shop for a year.

Not that I have a problem with watching Dawson's Creek all over again. In fact, I 'd fidget wildly and grit my teeth if I missed an episode back then. Nevermind the cliched teen angst and raging hormones. It's good enough to be a guilty pleasure. And then there was Gossip Girl. A slice of the proverbial "lifestyle of the (young) rich and famous" in the Upper East side as seen and told by an omniscient yet unseen character called "Gossip Girl" who runs a gossip commentary blog which holds the attention of the main characters as she posts up-to-the-minute gossips about these richy rich kids. When I first saw the ad on tv about this up and coming tv series, I thought, "Great... another soap about petulant princesses and their petty little problems about men and how to spend their money... can't wait... (rolls eyes)"

But on the contrary, I haven't had much fun watching another series since "Heroes". Beats watching "Laguna Beach" and it's equally lame spinoff, "The Hills" by a mile or two anyway. And it's not just about Blair's headbands and her to-die-for designer dresses.

2 words. Must watch.



Maldito said...

Ive been into that life when all you want to feel is that "Im Bitchy, and You have to LIVE with it".

But then I grew wasnt me..

so i stayed being a moss.

sun goddess said...

dangnamit... lalim nun ah... :)

Maldito said...

ha ha ha..dumugo na ba ang ilong mo?

sun goddess said...

kakalabas ko lang nga ng hospital... lumabas na lungs ko sa ilong ko... :)

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