Saturday, October 11, 2008


Warning: Beware of the green eyed monster with dark curly hair. She could be disguised as your BFF...

Being bestfriends with a former highschool "It" girl isn't exactly a slice of heaven. I've been there. Heck, I'm still living the same nightmare over and over again. Don't get me wrong though. I love her. She's like an older sister to me and though we do have our moments when we'd love to tear each other's hair off, still, we'd kill for each other. In fact, I'm really protective of her. Very.

But life isn't exactly easy having to deal with someone who's so effortlessly lovable as she is. Transforming myself from being Ms. Geeky Mcgeek to a vivacious vixen (college varsity chic turned cheerleader) didn't exactly change the fact that she will always outwin me no matter how much make up I put on and how high I have to hike my skirt up just to be noticed. What I can accomplish with every trick I learned from Cosmopolitan in snagging a guy, she can do better with that pa-cutsie voice, her home baked goodies and that heart warming smile. My mom likes her, Kids like her and maybe even a 3rd of the male highschool population back then liked her. Not even I can't say no to her. It's like seeing Veronica Lodge getting beaten at her own game against sweet, blonde, girl next door Betty Cooper. She's that irresistible in a less sexy way.

Don't get me wrong though. Time and again she (and our closest gal pals) have constantly reminded me what I'm capable of. I have the brains and the talent. Looks? I have that too (that's what they tell me anyway... Don't hate on me). And since she started gaining weight as we entered college (no, she's not pregnant), I have since then earned the bragging rights to being the only one in our gang capable of wearing a G-string bikini(Which, unfortunately to some, I now have to relinquish since my boyfriend is a good cook and he hates the Karen Carpenter look). But no one, not even her and her weight gain can change the fact that I'll always be second rank. I'm just her pretty, big haired sidekick. The runner up. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, so the saying goes. That she will always get the best of anything without seemingly exerting effort. That if there was a Kid's Choice Award for simply being the Kids favorite, she'll always be the winner. And that without her knack for cooking and food preparation and her eager beaver ka-epalan, parties would never be the same. How could a wild child, urban bred spoiled brat match up with Ms. Mary Sunshine picture of perfection with her perpetual niceness, virtuosity, and her eagerness to help (and please everybody)? And it never helps that I actually live in a country that's constantly fascinated with fair skin. She has one. I don't.

I even asked God why her... of all people...

Her... The person I've always admired, loved and loathed at the same time. The one person I wish I could be even for just a day. The keeper of my secrets and the source of my insecurities. Why do I have to be bestfriends with her?

My life has been a constant battle with her eversince highschool and I almost never seem to win. One day, I gave up and asked her what her secret to success is. She just smiled and said, Let's just say, We only get what we give. There are only 3 things I want in this world from you guys: Love, Respect and Attention. I figured if I give love, respect and attention, I'd get the same back. You know me Dre... I'm not that hard to please. Seeing people smile is my sole happiness. And I know what I have. It may not be as much as I wished it would be but I like what I have right now. Life's not about getting what you want. It's about wanting what you get.


I think I got my answer. I guess the reason why she became my "sister from another mother" is for me to learn to get over myself sometimes. I can't always have it all. She's the embodiment of niceness and sugary sweetness with butterflies and cute teddy bears. Brooding, cynical and frigidly bitchy me on the other hand, can't do "nice", "sweet" and "cute". So not my cup of tea. Besides. "To each his own" as my father once remarked. Kanya kanyang istilo. She's all rainbows and butterflies and while I'm always caught with that sexily evil smirk on my face.

And seriously... this is my bestfriend I'm talking about. Unless it involves Guitar Hero or what not, competition shouldn't be part of our friendship. What am I doing trying to outdo her anyway? What do I get if I win?

It all boils down to this; I can either live in constant agony of being insecure with her or I can just live life the way she does: Trying to want what I get instead of always trying to get what I want. No competition whatsoever. How's that for an epiphany?

Anyways, dude, if you're reading this right now... Here's for 11 years of BFF-ship. hehehe... Thanks for being my ate for 11 years in a row. Kahit minsan, sarap mong tapunan ng tsinelas dahil PKPI ka... And kahit minsan, alam kong gusto mong inatin ang buhok ko dahil sa ka OAhan at katarayan ko. hehehe... Anyway, whatever. I love you dude. And always will. You're my hero(ine).


chroneicon said...

11 years! wow! congrats!


Urban Princess said...

with blood, sweat and tears pa yan... :) bwahahahaaha... enkyou! :)

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