Friday, September 5, 2008


Marian Rivera and Anne Curtis:
2 of the most sought after screen sirens...
Epitome of the common meztiza's (Anne Curtis being
half Aussie and Marian Rivera being half Spanish)

Sure... They're beautiful... absolutely breathtaking... No question about it... But if there's another thing I could say about these beauties is... They're pretty much a cliche...

Why do we continually take pride on these faces when they are not even pure Pinay? For as long as Pinoy showbiz and the movie industry thrived in the Pearl of the Orient, we have been constantly obsessed with beauties featuring alabaster skin, aquiline noses, big, doe eyes that resemble more like typical caucasians. I have not remembered any magazine or a tv commercial which does not star a half-and-half . And since the boom of Asianovelas, we are now pining for pretty, pale skinned oriental beauties who could pass for a geisha or an anime.
The Japanese, the americans, let alone the Spaniards have long left our shores... Why do we still let foreign looking beauties reign our precious tv, film and print industry? Who are we to say that their brown skinned, exotic counterparts are not as appealing? If anything, they deserve a spot in the showbiz limelight, being as Filipina as they seem. Take Nora Aunor for example. I was never a big fan. But, her ability to break through show business which was dominated by doll faced mestizas was admirable. As a matter of fact, I don't think anyone during her time has achieved such celebrity as La Aunor did especially with the Guy and Pip tandem. But nowadays, I have yet to see another morena achieve such status. The brown skinned beauties are now a dying race in showbiz. I know that there are alot of caramel skinned beauties out there oozing with talent and sex appeal but often overshadowed by the likes of Anne Curtis and Marian Rivera. Until we get over our penchant for pale skinned mestizas who call themselves Pinays, then there's no reason for me to give even a little appreciation for an industry who looks down on the true Pinay beauties....

Who says you have to be mestiza to be considered beautiful????

Tetchie Agbayari... one of the hottest
acts in the 70's-80's. What set her apart
from the other screen goddesses was her golden skin
and exotic features...


Maldito said...

pinoys have been blinded for the fact that we have our OWN color.

siguro sabihin nalang natin, tayu ang race na mga ambisyos at indi talaga makuntento sa kung ano tayu.

Remember ko pa noon, ang showbiz simple lang..ngayun iwan, indi mo na makilala ang pinoy.


sun goddess said...

sa tv ka lang din makakakita ng iskwater, dyanitor o probinsyanang mukhang artista... hahahaha... hay nako... minsan ayoko na ngang manood ng tv... :)

Chell said...

Amen to this!

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