Friday, September 5, 2008

Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza

This is my entry to the Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza. With so many makukulit bloggers in this side of cyberspace, nakow... ang hirap pumili, but finally, I have made up my mind... My top 4 funny blogs. Thanks Badoodles for putting up such great contest... Mabuhay ang mga makulit na pinoy!!!

Here goes:

1. The great maldito = There's a big difference between trying to be funny and being really really funny. And this, I gotta say... has gone a million miles past the threshold of the latter... From the most mundane to the most profound issues, he has a way of writing them in an unabashedly-roll-on-the-bed-tickle-me-elmo funny no matter how serious he sets the tone. Every post is dripping with punchlines. ang maganda din sa blog site niya eh merong interaction... and very alive ang comment section niya... No wonder alot of people find him and his posts endearing... His blogs are nothing short of humorous, fresh or original... nay, humorous is an understatement. Keep it up! Go Maldito!

2. Green Pinoy = I just stumbled upon this website a few days ago and I can't stop checking out every post. The pictures are out of this world hilarious... samahan pa ng mga kakaibang comments. It's in-your-face absurd but in a good way. Tipong nakakasabog without the aid of Mary Jane.... The greatest laugh trip you'll ever stumble upon in the blogosphere...

3. Kwentong Barbero = substantially humorous... humorously substantial... either way, you also deserve to be in the taf ten... your posts are nothing short of heartwarming yet chuckle inducing... no, laugh-out-loud-till-you-fart guffaw inducing... But with alot of heart... Especially love your post Letter to my future son... Ngayon pa lang, alam ko na ang tumatakbo sa utak ng boyfriend ko If ever magkakababy na kami... 5 years from now... :) hope you'd post a picture of your badoodles jr. some time... :)

4. xeniahgirl = I always wondered who this woman Maldito and badoodles refer to as the "Reyna ng Blogosperyo" until I found myself checking her blog out of sheer curiosity. Now I know why... This critically acclaimed pinay blog queen reigns the blogosphere with beauty, brains and sheer wits, as manifested in her quotable quotes and quirky posts. Her posts makes Jessica Zafra look like an amateur (Though I love Jessica Zafra's witticism) and my blog site even more pathetic than a squatters dwellings under the flyover... All in all, panalong panalo!! Mabuhay ang reyna ng blogosperyo...

So, here they are... my top 4... goodluck guys!!


Maldito said...

huy andrea del rosario!chus!

ngayun lang ako napa comment dahil medyo busy na sa career at napaglipasan na ng gutom..lols..

musta naman yang boto na yan ha?ahhaha...salamat sa pagtiwala nyo sa akin na maiangat ko ang presyo ng gasolina..

tangkilikin ang sariling atin.

ha ha ha,,salamat so much.mwa!

sun goddess said...

hahahahaha! of course... basta ikaw... nanginginig pa... :p

Anonymous said...

miss drea!
i saw your comment
in my about me page
and i fell in love with it immediately

thank you
for voting for chiksilog
and for the very nice description
its just wonderful
to bounce into someone
who has the same wavelength
as i do


sun goddess said...

hahaha... anytime... :) it's an honor to meet someone like you in the blogosphere... :)

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