Thursday, August 21, 2008

Send in the Memes: The rise of the Youtube parodies

Imagine how youtube has made worldwide sensations out of these people with only a computer and a video camera. Maria Digby has just released her first album this year and Charisse Pempenco has been chosen to sing the National Anthem in Pacquiao's last fight. To date, she will be releasing her album soon. Lonelygirl15 has also made such a following that she guested in Tonight with Jay Leno, also spawning imitations and other vloggers. The list certainly goes on.

Personally, I think youtube is crap. With so many people posting gibberish and claptrap captured on video, I completely forgot why I even have an account with youtube. Oh yeah, so I could share videos of my nephew and niece to my aunts and uncles in Manila, Australia and New Jersey.

But then, hate it or love it, youtube is here to stay. For one thing, it has already revolutionized the world wide web, spawning not only raw talents but also budding Spielbergs and George Lucases. What, with director and producer wannabes releasing mini movies and parodies in youtube, some are bound to be discovered one way or another... IF they get lucky. Now thanks to youtube, we not only have couch potatoes but swivel chair potatoes with their heads glued to the monitor. If there are 2 good things that ever came out with the whole youtube phenom, it would be

1. I don't have to wait for an encore of a movie trailer or a music video to air on tv. And, I don't miss out on any episodes of "Heroes" and "Scrubs". And thanks to youtube, we got pornotube, redporn, youporn... Well, I'm speaking in behalf of the porn junkies all over the planet who had to go through alot of repercussions to download porn for free.

2. Internet parodies. If there's another thing I'm thankful for for youtube, it's these people who had made this website a little more bearable for cynical biatches like me who's had it up to here. And I swear going to veto this website off the internet if another whining, histrionic vlogger posts his claptrap again. Anyhoo... from the Back Dorm Boys form China to our very own Youtube Novella, internet parodies has been taking the cyberspace by storm. Who doesn't love to laugh? Right? And here are some of those people who have achieved international success with their hilarious antics and skits (if they had one). So without further adieu, send in the Memes.


I think the whole comedic lip synching phenom started with these two chinese boys who posted a low quality video of them lipsynching to backstreet boy's "I want it that way" in youtube some 2 years ago. Neither of them anticipated the worldwide success they would achieve, having almost 8 million views from all over the planet, receiving mainstream media attention through the Ellen deGeneres show in the US. They've became the spokespersons for Motorola cellphones and had the chance to appear in a music video of one of the hottest stars in China.

And it also doesn't hurt that they're really cute as well.. :)

MOYMOY PALABOY - lipsynching with a twist

After the Backdorm boys fame spouted another lip synching duo, MoyMoy Palaboy. The duo was made up of James Ronal "Moymoy" Obeso and his little bro Rodfil. They started posting their vids in Feb. 2007 with only a web cam in their crammed apartment living room with their aunt popping in and out of the scene once in a while. Then the rest, as they say, was history.

To date, they have about almost 8M hits for their 23 videos. They also have become a regular in Bubble Gang in GMA-7 and was recently featured in 100% Pinoy. Recently, MTV Philippines have signed them up and their fan base not only included netizens in the Philippines but also abroad and some, I heard, are not even Pinoys. One of which was none other than Peter Cetera of theChicago fame. imagine that?

Keep it up guys!! You rock!

check out their website for recent updates, gigs and new videos...


Parodies of some movie clips with hilarious dubbing were also a hit in youtube. Some creative geniuses from the Philippines started off with that one, dubbing movies like 300, Apocalypto and Troy in their own dialects and cutting the movie up into segments thus giving rise to another meme the YOUTUBE NOVELA. One of the reasons why these youtube novellas are really popular among the pinoys here and abroad is our love for telenovelas,whether tagalog, Spanish, Korean, or Chinese dubbed in Filipino. We just can't get enough of the saga of "Ton-ton", and it's spin off "Benjo, ang Anak ni Ton-ton". "Talibong1" (Real name unknown)has created a series from clips taken from the movies "Troy" and "300" and dubbed in Ilonggo for his youtube novelas "Ton-ton" and "Benjo". Their fanbase does not only include Ilonggos but also Visayans and tagalogs not just here but abroad as well. The reason for their popularity, as per Star Life's research and interview with Talibong himself was:

"The Tonton and Benjo series are short, thus does not demand so much of the viewers’ time, they use familiar language in the script– the Ilonggo dialect and expressions that are common (bords, pilo-pilo, clean cut, IR-or incident report —, a term used in Nursing classes when things go off the norm) yet given dimensions of humor and hilarity. Viewers also find appeal to the delivery of the script which is far from being studied or rehearsed."
(Read more of that here in "Q & A With Talibong".)

And the result is often a rib tickling series filled with inside jokes, and funny one liners complete with teasers for the next episode.

Here's my favorite episode of the "Benjo" series. I still LMAO when I watch it... for like a hundredth time.

favorite lines: "Ako way ko bungot! CLEAN CUT!";"running rooster!""dancing bunny";"kicking fish!"

Also taking the pinoy community both here and abroad by storm is "haringbuang" (click the orange button to subscribe) with "Paksiw: Ang balingiitang irong buang", their take on Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" dubbed in Bisaya. The story follows the adventure of "Paksiw", the sole survivor of their tribe that was ravaged by the "Tribong Akru", in his escape back to the ruins of their dwellings to save his pregnant wife and son. The series's first episode has already recieved 200,856 views in only a span of 10 months and the number keeps rising. This has appealed not only to the bisaya community from Mindanao and Visayas and all over the world but also with the tagalogs as well. watch the whole series here.

you can also add "haringbuang" in friendster if you like to be updated with his latest vids.

Here's my most favorite (and the first episode) of the "Paksiw" series. Enjoy!


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