Sunday, August 31, 2008

LTO releases ordinance regulating the modification of motorcycles...


I read this news article from Jobert Bonalos's website and I can't not say anything about it.

My comment on his post about this bullshit regulation in his website:

"i'm not a motorcycle enthusiast and i don't own a motorcycle either, but my boyfriend does. He's crazy about it too. I recently heard about this ordinance regulating the modification of motorcycles and like the rest of the biker community (and my boyfriend as well), i would agree that this is complete hogwash and baseless.

modifications (as my boyfriend explained to me) are not just for aesthetic purposes but also to improve the safety and the performance of a unit, whether it be a car, a truck or what not.

Something tells me that Jacobo doesn't know jack about motorcycles... We don't even know how that R.A. was approved for implementation... We are all taken by surprise..."
-sun goddess

This is complete infringement of their (the motorcycle owners) rights...

And kung titingnan niyo ang mga motorcycle units ng ibang mga tga LTO at TMC... eh panay modified nga ung mga motor nila... hinuli boyfriend ko the last time dahil maliit ang side mirror niya... It's fine but then ung motorcycle ng nanghuli sa kanya is in itself a moving violation:

*modified headlight
*racing plate
*no side mirrors
*loud pipe

Kung gusto nilang i implement yan, they should first check the units of the people their paying to impose the regulation in our streets and highways. Eh mas sila pa nga ang mas malakas mag violate ng mga iniimplement nila eh coz they think they can get away with it...

Mismo mga taga LTO davao chapter, ang mga units nila ay naka modify din... katulad ng XLR nila na
nilagyan ng mga "foot bars", whatever they're called... Don't tell me stock yan sa 200R na XLR ng honda... it is strictly implied in the R.A. that ANY modification is subject to the approval of LTO, diba? Don't tell me gagawin nilang exception yan...

I'm sorry if i'm all fired up with this issue... It's just so weird, sudden and very ambiguous sa nilabas nilang ordinance eh... they can't give us the crap that though they are aware of the motorcycle owners and riders individual rights, they have to think about the welfare of the other motorists and pedestrians...

TO all bikers in the philippines, you have to make a stand about this issue... Don't let them push you guys around... These agencies were created to serve you, to cater to your rights and interest, not the other way around...

And LTO? passing ordinances like this? is it really legit?

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