Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm inlove...

With someone's write ups... Honestly, I don't really go around much in the Blogsphere, let alone read and rant about other people's blogs. It'd only prop my insecurity even more. I'm already aware that I'm far from being a pro. I don't even match up to the newbies who already had like a bazillion clicks in a span of 1 week and I've been blogging for 4 months already.

Then I stumbled upon his blogs

Okay, it's weird coz if I rant about a blog or the blogger himself, it's either he gets on my nerves or he's written something really profound, I can't even sleep well just thinking about it. Okay, the latter's a bit exaggerated but the point is, I haven't been hooked since the season one of Heroes or since I started reading Brian Gorell's blogs.

I rarely read blogs written in tagalog or in any other dialects and usually, they're nothing considered special. Mostly rants by some college kid with the daftest dilemmas like her preference of Banana Peel over Havaianas. And Havaianas are like sooo last summer. But moving forward, I've never had such a great laugh since I read Bob Ong's "ABNKKBSKNPL?" which was about a year ago.

What I find particularly striking about his write ups is his in-your-face-this-is-me-deal-with-it style and the humor just keeps getting better and better with every post. His write ups doesn't even border on offensive and controversial. It's just honest to goodness sharing of thoughts, experiences from the most mundane to the very profound, in a naturally humorous way. What I find more endearing with the way he writes is that hindi siya pilit na nagpapatawa... nakakatawa talaga siya.

I figured, that must be the appeal of his unabashedly funny write ups.

Anyway, Dude, Maldito or whoever you are, Kudos for making my day. :)

Click niyo to para maging masaya rin kayo.... hehehe


Maldito said...

nako naman...ahe he touch ako sa tribute mo hu..para namang namatay na ako nieto...ehahah....thanks po ate..

sulat lang ng sulat..wala namang sikat na blogger eh..only "Quality bloggers. Sumulat indi dahil gusto nila, pero sumulat ka dahil ginusto mo.ayush po ba ateng?

salamat add na din kita sa links. sana indi kayu magsawa saken..char!

sun goddess said...

hehehe... me? magsawa? nevah... :) thanks din dahil merong kagaya mong nabubuhay sa mundo...

Kirhat said...

Ay buti at na feature mo si maldito. Matagal ko ng binabasa ang mga posts nya. Lintek talaga sa kakatawa.

Mula last year hanggang ngayon walang kakupaskupas ang humor. Di na ako magugulat kung magiging part sya ng showbiz soon. Bagay sa kanya maging writer at siguradong patok ang show nya.

Seek No More
Nesting Buddy

sun goddess said...

o nga eh... i'm a big, BIG fan of his blogs... and he doesn't come out as offensive or controversial... un ang maganda doon... :)

simple lang pero rock... love this guy to death...

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