Monday, August 18, 2008

Games to torture an anti conyo friend

Here's a fun game that's guaranteed to amuse and annoy an anti-Konyo at the same time.

-Watch as much episodes of Reruns of Laguna Beach or The Hills as you can take.
-Get a pen and a paper
-Count how many "Like", "Whatever", "Oh My God", "totally", "or something", "so" These Valley chics blurt out in one episode.
-Tally them.
-make a graph or whatever.
-hit me back. :) Ready? Set? Go!

Here's another fun game.


-Grab an equally anti-konyo friend

-Search for any hangouts frequented by preppy girls from any of these schools: Ateneo de Manila, La Salle, Assumption, Ateneo de Davao or any other exclusive schools.

-See how long you could endure hearing them talk like "Oh my God talaga... Like it's so kakainis talaga... Like, you know na... It's so... grabe talaga... It's like... Oh my God..."

-To make this game more challenging, get a pen and paper then tally how many times they actually speak English, like grammatically perfect English without any tagalog interjections like "Noh","Nah","Eh" or "Oh" in one whole sentence.

-See who gives up first and walks out of the establishment.

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