Friday, August 15, 2008

EMO: What's with all the drama?

I don't really get all the drama behind these kohl eyeliners, short raven hair with choppy layers and bangs, the skinny jeans and the checkered loafers. What's the big idea behind this emo stuff that has invaded the whole world... I mean.. sure, I listen to Dashboard confessional, Fall out boy, Second hand serenade and Red Jumpsuit apparatus and stuff like that but is it really necessary to dress up like these guys to get the vibe?

What is the deal with the whole "Fix me, I'm broken" drama... And the whole crap about killing yourself... The whole histrionic approach just baffles me with these kids these days...

Look, Don't take this wrongly. I'm not here to diss the whole emo phenom but as much as I enjoy the genre and the fashion that came with it, it still makes me wonder... what is the deal behind this fad? Is everyone being emo these days because it's an in thing right now or is everyone being so fashionably depressed...

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