Tuesday, August 12, 2008

16 things that could spoil my day...

1. Grown men in Crocs.- Why can't these people realize that crocs only look cute if you're 5?!
2. People speaking in "Taglish" in their most pa-cutesy voice. "That's so nice talaga... Like, Oh my God talaga... That is so... Nice talaga... LIke My God ha..." (Good thing I live in Davao)
3. People who talk like the kids in "LAGUNA BEACH"... Don't get me started...
Like Oh My God... Like, that is soooooo.. Like... Wow... (Translation, ang ganda ng buhok mo)
4. Rude salespersons- I really don't get why the management even tolerate these people. I don't even get why we become the bad guys when we complain against erring sales clerks.
5. Rude Government Employees - Okay, it's an even bigger wonder why these people can afford to be rude when they do nothing but sit around and wait for people to come in and they're better compensated than the sales clerks in the malls.
6. Wrong make up - It's an eyesore to see people being stuck with the 80's with the aquamarine, violet or green eye shadows that brings back memories of Cindy Lauper's Bad hair days or Madonna's "Just like a prayer". What's even worst is, they have to use foundation that's 5 shades lighter than their natural skin color that makes them look like a Kabuki Warrior.
7. Dumb blondes - Isn't it annoying to see pretty faces with no brains to back that up? What a waste...
8. Kids who show more skin than they should in the internet - Can't blame them phaedophilias if they come running after you...
9. Those perverts who enjoy watching these kids strip in the internet - dude, they're kids!
10. Corrupt Traffic Enforcers - People like them are the reason why the Philippines will never rise from the shackles of poverty and corruption...
11. Erring Taxi Drivers - Enough said. I've had too many encounters and the customer service people don't even care.
12. Rich kids - pompous, ignorant buffoons who care nothing about what's going on with our country today. These kids who have no contribution to the society.
13. Socialites - People who spend too much money when they should be helping the less fortunate than throwing parties here and there, showcasing pomp and silly debauchery.
14. Social Climbers and Gold Diggers - (rolls eyes)
15. Creepy strangers who just starts hitting on you and asks for your number - (shudders in fright)
16. Chauvinistic pigs


Glugster said...

I'm a grown-up that wears crocs. Bite me!

Hehehehe. Just kidding. About biting me. Not about the crocs.

sun goddess said...

hahaha... i mean, no offense alright? :) i dunno... i first saw it on president bush in some website... then i went to the mall a few hours later to see men as old as 20 wearing them...

i dunno... i guess it's just me..

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