Saturday, July 12, 2008


Let's face it... Not everybody likes the suck ups... Me included. You see them anywhere you go, from the classroom (i.e., the teacher's pet) down to the snitch n the workplace. The worst part? Most, if not all of em always either gets the raise, gets promoted or both while you toil without being given the credit you deserve.

But hey... as the cliche goes, that's how the cookie crumbles. And whether we like it or not, the only way to beat them on their game is to play it... THE RIGHT WAY. :)

Here are some tried and tested tips given to me by my veteran co-workers. Some of them I have to admit are pretty useful.


1. Be a snitch - nothing causes ire among colleagues and eventually, the big boss than someone who sneaks around stealthily and checks on each and every co-worker for possible boo boos to report to the latter for the hopes of getting their trust. Get noticed by honest work and utmost professionalism.

2. Excessive complimenting - nothing's worst than someone who kisses ass too much. Like women, you don't get around much with flattery when dealing with bosses. If you think his or her presentation is great or if you admire his or her work, go ahead, tell her but compliment them more often than necessary makes you appear fake and "plastikan ever".

3. Give expensive gifts - to you it might just be some token of appreciation but for the big guy, or gal, it could mean something else, especially if he's from the opposite sex.

4. Immersing yourself into gossips - nothing reeks unprofessionalism than being a gossip monger. Whether you're at giving or recieving end of a gossip, indulging in this guilty pleasure wouldn't really do good with your image.

5. Don't be a YES man - you don't have to agree to anything the boss says. Though they'd appreciate their subordinates to see things their way, they still admire those who are not afraid to voice out their own opinions and ideas. But this is good when done with utmost respect and prudence. Ask permission before you make a suggestion.


1. Dress up like your boss- nothing gives out a good and lasting impression than dressing like the big guys do. But there's no need to spend a fortune to look corporate savvy like Meryl Streep in the Devil wears Prada and trust me, there's no point in being your boss's mini me either. Just keep it crisp, simple, neat and appropriately for the work place. Avoid showing too much skin or dressing up like you just got out of bed. For more tips on how to dress like the boss, check this site out.

2. Be the first to be in the office and the last to leave - let them know that you're dead serious and dedicated to your job that you're willing to stay late. Finish on reports due next week or if you don't have anything to do, surf the net...

3. Look busy, even when you're on break. If office policy allows you to eat at your desk, do so...

4. Compliment sparingly - Compliment only when you mean it. Avoid saying phrases like "Nice shirt!" "My, you lost some weight." every freakin day or you'll sound rather obvious.

5. Make everything sound like the boss's idea.

6. Match his energy and speak his language.

7. Know his weaknesses. Know what he likes. Is he into sports? Does he play golf? But you don't necessarily have to everything he's into. Look for something you and your boss can establish a common ground. If she likes baseball or martial arts update him or her on the latest updates on your favorite sports but this can wait until break time or off hours.

8. Respect your boss's position. At the end of the day, he's still on top of the corporate heirarchy. Let him know that you're very much aware of that. for instance, say "I have other ideas but i will defer to your decision."


Kirhat said...

This is very interesting. I haven't thought about this way before, but I think you have some very valid points. I don't want to elaborate further to avoid publicly exposing my ignorance, he-he.

sun goddess said...

In the end, it's not exactly a bad thing to suck up... we all have to... But then some just sucks when it comes to sucking up... :)thanks for posting... :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Not bad! Some great thoughts here. First to this office will be a tough one :~)

Kuanyin Moi said...

Mahalo for your visit to my blog, and you've posted a top notch post. Grade A!

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