Saturday, July 12, 2008


just trying my hands on bitchy poetry... wala lang... walang masulat iba eh... I love chinnie hidalgo's "Blair Bitch Project"...


You asked me why I never called
Hope by now you figured it out
Though I told you
You were cute,
But then, you had to open your mouth

Don't get me wrong sweetie
You're one heck of a guy
You had me at hello
But when you leaned over
to kiss me good night
I'm sorry but I have to say no

I didn't want to offend you
Nor sound like a total bitch
But hope the next time you go out on a date
Please, dont forget to brush your teeth

It also doesn't hurt you know
To bring along some mints
Ever wondered why I cover my nose
Your breath honey, it STINKS!

You asked me why I never called
I thought by now you know
But just in case you're still clueless,
The answer's right under your nose...

XYZ (Examine Your Zipper)

Dream on young man
You're not my type
Take that smirk right off your face
To flirt is not my intention,
Though you see me coming your way

I only have a little message
three words to be exact
So save the come ons and pick up lines
you stupid piece of crap

They look at you and giggle,
Ever wonder why?
It's not sex appeal, believe me
Just look down and check your fly... :)

Well, i never said I'm that good... Chinnie Hidalgo's still the best!

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