Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The boob pose: Is that really necessary?

It's not hard to imagine how at the age of 13, some girls already lose their virginity. I don't have a problem with that. But when you come from a country where we're still fighting an uphill battle against child pornography and yet you still find kids as young as 16 posing topless in friendster or myspace, you often wonder where our forefathers had gone wrong... Was it a big mistake that we let the Americans stay here and spoil our innocent minds with ideas of liberalism, democracy, education and objectification of women?

Ladies and Gentleman, Exhibit A:

is this really necessary? I know I'm no Maria Fucking Clara but seriously... What's the logic behind posing half nude or virtually in the buff and posting it online for all and sundry to see? Is it some desperate attempt to gain popularity with the opposite sex? and don't give me that whole, "FOR THE SAKE OF ART" Bull crap... I know what art is...

and these happened to be a bunch of 14 year olds...

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