Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Don't get me wrong... i love youtube... it has made videos i haven't seen in ages accessible without waiting for an hour of download just to watch them. with the advent of youtube, i didn't have to wait for the reruns of my favorite animes to keep me in the know because youtube has made it possible for me to watch them online, fuzz free. and the best thing is, i don't have to wait for months to watch the next season coz they already have it. (beats pirated DVDs). And one more thing, youtube has began another trend of blogging-- video blogging-- that has in turn made ANNOYING celebrities out of ordinary teeners. take lonelygirl15 for example. she has become such a phenom, she guested in Jay Leno. and people may have heard of the 2 chinese boys who also started the trend of lipsynching to hits by the BSB and the like, with hilarious results--a trend which also propelled them to instant celebrity status. imagine if i did have a digicam that actually works, i would have been in hollywood right now... or not... :) hehehe...

the only problem with youtube is that you can't always expect diplomacy and decency from the people logging in there. with youtube accessible to VIRTUALLY anyone, you can always expect different kinds of people, from the nicest, to the nastiest, to the dumbest, sarcastic and what not. and most, if not all of these people has hugged democracy all their lives that they have taken "freedom of speech" a little too seriously. it just pisses me off when some people just waste their freakin time to watch someone's video and then dissing them anyway about their race, their looks and the like. how pointless is that? and then there are some losers who do post videos of themselves making derogatory tirades on sexuality, race and religion like it's something to laugh about. NEWS FLASH: WE'RE NOT LAUGHING.

well, besides the losers who have a huge chip on their shoulders and the weirdos who post those nonsensical gibberish online, i really really love youtube. :)

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