Tuesday, April 1, 2008

With Gay Pride And Pink Ribbons Added...

I want to have a gay son... Seriously.....HOwever, the idea back then appalled me, considering the facts:
that there are more girls than guys. why add to the burden?;
that all the good guys are either, taken, have entered priesthood or has joined the confederasyon...
and of course, this would be my other half's worst nightmare as this might be tantamount to the extinction of our bloodline, considering the possibility that he might be my one and only heir. But after some pondering, and finally coming to an epiphany, i thought, ey.... what's wrong with having gay son? to begin with, our homosexual counterparts have excelled in fields commonly dominated by men as well as those by women and much more. They have excelled in the beauty and fashion, interior designing, the hospital, the kitchen, and believe it or not, even the military. Name it. What men and women can do, they can do better.... with gay pride and pink ribbons added.
Sadly, these affectionate little angels were thought to be sick and twisted human beings--unnatural beyond any reasonable doubt. But come to think of it, our very existence is bleak without their flamboyant touch. Much to the chagrin of the orthodox people, we do need them around... And I wonder how fun it is to have one in your own home.
And at the end of the day, they'll be the first to greet you with warm hugs and butterfly kisses. You can't expect that from your teenage sons or daughters can you?
Okay.... this is how i have envisioned my gay son to be (if there's any consolation):
Think Fab 5 rolled into one-- Clean, metrosexual, smart, and sophisticated... the type who knows clothes, fine dining, table manners and interior designing and the like.
-Must not be a transvestite.-- You're gay... you're one of a kind. Be happy with who you are and stop looking and dressing up like a woman. It doesn't really look pleasant to begin with.
-Parlor gay-isms= not that i have a problem with it, but i do prefer my gay son to speak like a decent, intellectual individual. I want him to be eloquent and articulate, and as much as possible, i don't want to hear any gay lingua coming out of his mouth. Okay fine.... minimal is okay... and please, none of the faux mo hawks or loud hair colors... :)
-well dressed and smells good-need i say more?

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