Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When Ipods Come in Handy...

I've never been a fan of Ipod. If anything, it's another useless piece of invention created by apple to start a fad, thus generate a hefty sum of profit. And what better target than mindless youths who'd spend their parents' hard earned cash for anything that would make them an epitome of "cool" or "astig". My aunt bought me one when I graduated from college and though my Ipod has always been with me whereever I go, I rarely use it. But there might be some situations which might prove these expensive little pieces of junk rather beneficial:
1. When you're stuck in your parents car and you don't have authority over the car radio and you'd have to suffer for an hour or more listening to tony bennett, tom jones or the platters.
2. no need to disturb the whole neighborhood with your stereo blaring out profanities from your slipknot or rage against the machines album (not that I'm a fan).
3. It doubles as a disk drive so you don't have to be stuck with diskettes or cds when you have a big report to present, or a term paper to submit and your printer is not working.
4. I recently discovered that music can not only set your mood, but also boost your confidence, especially when your on your way to a job interview or a date. When I hear RnB tunes, I feel extremely sexy and wanted and this increases my confidence level to a notch or 2. Bossa Nova or classic symphonies help to calm my nerves when i'm on my way to a job interview. And this is when your ipod really comes in handy, so I have Ashtrud Gilberto, yingyang twins and Lupe Fiasco and alot more in my ipod.
5. In addition to #4, techno helps in getting you on the go so I always bring this to the gym with me. (try listening to classics from Fatboy slim, Chemical brothers or Prodigy.)
6. Being in a call center, I usually work in an unconventional time. Imagine having walk outside your house, amidst big trees and dimly lit street lamps at 9 pm to get a taxi or ride a jeepney to go to work. and so again, my ipod helps in getting my mind off those things that usually get in my head at times like these.
7. last but not the least, it drowns the unwanted hollering of the "tambays" in the "kanto" and the pseudo hiphop tunes and senseless double meaning visayan songs loudly emanating from the jeepneys.
So i guess these little pieces of junk ain't that useless after all... given these situations...

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