Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Don't get me wrong... I do watch Grey's anatomy. I love Dr. Izzy Stevens... But really, Dr. Grey is nothing short of annoying... Anyhoo... some words of wisdom from the tv series...
The Hard Lessons on Love and Men...
1. A man won't let go if he really loves you.Do not hold on to someone who has let go of you. He does not love youand does not value having you.Believe me, he will not let go if he really loves you. There isanother reason he is not willing to tell.
2. Do not look for reasons why he ended the relationship.There is only one reason why he ended your relationship. He just doesnot love you.Do not waste your time thinking of reasons or what you should havedone.Move on and be open to a man who will truly love you.
3. Do not get hung up on your past.Do not nag or distrust your current boyfriend just because your exhurtyou.Do not treat him or the relationship the same way. Do not compare.He will not react the same way as your ex. Do not be worried thatyour simple mistakes will cause him to look for another girl.What happened with your ex was not your fault. It was not becauseyou didn't guard him enough or you didn't make him happy enough.
4. Do not look into images.How many times have you met a girl who didn't have the best image inschool or at the office,but you get to know the girl and found out she was actually extremelynice?Do not rely on images. Oftentimes, it is far from reality.Do not fear men just because your "supposedly" perfect ex-boyfriendmistreated you.
5. Always have your own set of rules.Set your limits on how far you'd go for a guy. It's perfectly ok togive and do everything as long as it's worth it..And it's worth it if the guy is treating you right.
6. Do not be scared to lose him.Don't be scared that he'll break up with you.Once you are afraid of losing him, you easily can be taken advantage.Be strong and if something is unacceptable, do not accept it and speakup.
7. Avoid calling your guy.It's a guy thing. The relationship will definitely be better if it'sthe guy who's calling, not the girl.He will get tired of you if you keep on calling. He will loseinterest and challenge.More so, he will get annoyed. But it's a girl thing also that yourfingers get too itchy until you dial his number.But avoid as much as possible. Call only if really needed (likechecking if your suspicions are reasonable).
8. There is a guy who will value you.There is a guy out there who can make you feel valued, appreciated,andloved.And I mean, not just during your first few weeks together. So don'tlose hope.Don't settle for a lesbian if you are not attracted to women.There is a man out there who can love you like a girl can.Also, do not believe him when he says it's just the way he really is.He's not the sweet or expressive-type. Remember during your first fewweeks together?Where has that sweet guy gone? He simply is not that into youanymore.
9. Always be the only one, no matter what.Do not ever fall for a guy who has another girl, be it his wife,girlfriend, or any girl that he says he just can't get rid of forwhatever reason. If you truly believe that he loves you and for somereason, he can't leave or let go of another girl, then you are nodifferent from any ordinary mistress.
10. He must respect you.No matter how long the relationship has been, he should always showrespect towards you.
11. If he fooled you, end it.Philandering once is enough.You can never trust nor respect the person again.
12. Never start a relationship the wrong way.Do not steal another girl's man, for whatever reason. Nor should youenter a relationship for the wrong reasons (loneliness, on therebound, getting back at your ex, man-dependency, etc.) it is boundnot to last. You will only end up wasting more years of your life.
13. Do not force yourself into a relationship.Do not get into a relationship just because your friends are gettingimpatient with your dating escapades and the one hasn't come yet..Do not choose who to say yes to based on superficial things likemoney, looks, cars, etc..If you are even thinking of these things, you have not fallen in loveyet.
14. Do not settle.If you are not happy anymore with your relationship, break upinstantly.He will not stay with you forever no matter how upright he might seemtobe.Eventually, he will also want love and happiness in his life.
15. A relationship has to have love.Love is the only thing that will push you to give your efforts intomaking the relationship work.And believe me, keeping a relationship requires genuine efforts ofbothparties.16. Don't be afraid to be single.It's fun to be single, try it. You can go out whenever and whereveryouwant.You are free. You can date whomever you want and you get to go outforfree!Do not get a boyfriend just for the sake of having one. Do notsettle.
17. Be a good girl.Be a good girl to attract a good guy. Enter the relationship withsincere intentions.Take the guy and the relationship seriously with the plan of spendingthe rest of your life with that person (of course, this is after youhad your bit of fun in your younger years) . If you compare yourflings from your real relationships, you will know that the lattermakes you happier and more fulfilled.
18. Love without limits.Whether you loved and gave everything or loved but held out for somethings, if the relationship ends, you still get hurt. But if you gaveyour everything, you were happy and you could say that it was worthit. If you didn't give your all, you get hurt for nothing.
19. You will get over him.Love is over-stated. Love eventually ends and you are free to loveanother.
20. Be the one.Act like you are the one. Don't be a nagger. Don't hinder his gimmicks. Don't give in to him too easily.Make him treat you as important. Don't be easy. Don't be like every other girl he had in his life.

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