Sunday, April 27, 2008


MalwareWar is another ‘best security tool ever' released by malware creators. It is another scam presented like anti-spyware application. Although Malware War is available for manual download on several websites, it mostly spreads by infecting computers secretly when user visits a malicious website. And any program that installs itself without user's consent should be considered a malware.
MalwareWar is not a security tool and it should be deleted upon detection. It may display security notifications, registry errors and scan reports, but all of them have nothing to do with a real status of a computer. Malware War fabricates all the alerts and warning in order to scare users and push them into paying for full version of MalwareWar.
Scary huh? Had a brush with this kind of malware and the antispy spyware but had remedied it before things get worse. Here's what I did.
I went to this site and downloaded the free version. This will take a while since the malware keeps on bugging your system with bogus warnings about trojan, adware and spyware threats. Once you've downloaded the antispyware software, have it updated first and perform a quickspan. Now, this might take a while as they would have to perform a thorough check on each and every file in your Drive C and Drive D but it's worth the wait. After it's done, have the spyware and malware files deleted (and quarantined) and reboot computer. :)

Temporarily disconnect the internet connection for just a couple of seconds while you perform another quickscan just to check if there are traces left from the spywares and malwares.

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Sunny. said...

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