Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's so kaka talaga... like Oh my God talaga


My cousin recounted this rather irksome experience with one of her schoolmates in Ateneo as she was on her way home from school in a jeepney. As the jeepney approached NCCC mall, this girl fished some coins out of her pocket and hit the railing, while bellowing out in her tinkerbell voice "Manong, make para by NCCC coz im gonna baba na..." Try to imagine the face of my cousin as she watched the girl exit the public utility vehicle. Wow...

Taglish is nothing new. You've heard it before... In tagalog movies... or worse, in real life. the lingua has been closely identified with bratty little rich girls from exclusive catholic schools from Manila, some of which are La Salle and Assumption (no offense...) and now? even the girls from exclusive schools in Davao (to start with, Ateneo de Davao University Highschool) are starting to emulate it, like it's cool to be heard talking like that.

I myself have had close encounters with such...TWICE! It was hell listening to it. I was in Pearl Farm with my family, just enjoying the summer sunshine and getting some tan as if I didn't have enough. Another family was close by and this chic, probably the cousin or the girlfriend of some guy from that clan was shrieking "Ew.... don't sit there.... it's dumi...." I could imagine a 5 year old yelping that out... but someone as old as 17? you have got to be kidding me.... The next day, i completely forgot about it as we ventured into the island just across pearl farm. The sight was exquisitely serene until the same girl again showed up, yapping in the same, annoying, pa-cutsie voice "You're such a liar talaga... stop it na nga..."

Seriously... Do people think it's cute to talk like that? Do they actually think it would make them sound more appealing when they fuse tagalog and english (worse, tagalog, english and cebuano) in one sentence? Does it actually add some charm or probably a few peso bills in their bank account when they speak in such manner?

Really people... Not only is it gramatically wrong in 50 different ways, it makes you sound so dumb and desperate, it's no longer cute.

LIke it's so kakainis talaga when i hear people talking like that... It's nkakairita sa ears... So, can you girls and maybe guys stop talking like that coz it's sooooo uncool... like ewww talaga.... kakasuka....

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