Tuesday, April 1, 2008

HOrse doovors... atbp... Man, I love this girl..

Chinnie Hidalgo, you have done the bitching out for us.... We salute you.... take a bow girl, take a bow!!!
I have a tiny question
I don't mean to wreck the mood
But has no one ever told you
That your English is quite screwed?
It bothered me a bit, you see,
In fact, it lost me slumber
When I left the meeting and you said,
"You didn't got my number."
I also kept my silence
I tried hard as I could
When you picked me up for our first date
And told me, "You looks good!"
And at that fancy restaurant
I managed every course
But I nearly puked from laughter
When you ordered "hose-doovors."
Listen buddy, you're a nice guy
But your English is a scream
The final straw was when you asked
If I "enjoyed to sweem."
So I'm sorry if I must decline,
I'm sorry I'm a bitch
But before you ask me out again
Do something 'bout your "spitch."
- from the Blair Bitch Project: A Book of Bitchy Poetry by Chinie Hidalgo

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