Saturday, April 26, 2008

Animo, Animo Teneo...

not to boast, or be condescending about it... an atenean is easy to spot amidst a crowd; not just by the blue and white uniform or the school seal on the pocket, or school pin; not just the necktie with an A on it, and the like. yes, it's easy to spot a blue-blood in davao city most especially. if you got no clue how, i'll give you some hints to spot a typical atenean (by typical atenean, i mean, those who have been incarcerated in that god forsaken catholic institution since nursery or beyond) ...

1.eloquence is the word- yes... an atenean can be easy to spot well, within an earshot... they are quite known for being articulate and well-spoken, probably having mastered the subject-verb agreement and probably 3/4's of the webster's dictionary for those who took an extra mile since time immemorial. It's no surprise that people find most of em intimidating. However, DON'T BE FOOLED by the jargons... one must know that most, if not all of the time, THEY BLUFF... you see, there's a big difference between being REALLY SMART and being ELOQUENT (just listen to an atenean and assess if they are really making sense, despite the high falluting jargons... THEN, my friend, YOU'LL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE...) connection to #1- yep, they know good english alright... but try asking them a very complex mathematical equation and rarely would you find an atenean who could answer that. Well, not that they're dumb. Math is not just their favorite subject. There's only a handful of ateneans who are really really good with numbers and most of em are in the honor section. But as for the rest of the population, just ask them anything under the sun except for anything that has something to do with math... unless you enjoy watching one having a nosebleed.
3. For some reasons, an atenean has this air of confidence. they exude this aura of cockiness that sometimes, people would misconstrue them as "mayabang". i dunno... could be the uniform.
4. they have memorized the "Blue Knight Song" and the "Panatang Makabayan" by heart.
5. If they have memorized "Anima Cristi", which is played on every first Friday Mass since time immemorial.
6. If they don't know half of their batchmates and the whereabouts of most of them until someone tells them.
7. If they know Mr. Montecillo and Fr. Millar and once in their lives, they have been under Mr. Belonio, Mr. Potestas, Mrs. Delena, Mr. Gonzales, Mr. Darang, and etc.
8. Nowadays, an atenean in highschool can be heard speaking in "Taglish", much to the chagrin of the older Ateneans who have now graduated(me included....) or in college.
9. in connection, AGAIN, to # 1, when they are O.C. (take note, REEEEEEAAAALLLY obsessive compulsive) when it comes to their grammar and the grammar of other people. don't be surprised if you DO find yourself corrected with grammar and pronunciation.
10. They make up 80% of davao's greatest critics on whatever, well.... EXCEPT FOR MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS THAT IS...
11. When they are familiar with the "You, you, you and you... both of you... go to my office, tommorrow RIGHT NOW!" urban legend, as well as "Form a straight circle" and may at one time incorporated this with Mr. Gonzales or another T.H.E teacher.
12. when they have by now familiarized themselves with the life of St. Ignacious de Loyola.
13. When they know the school's motto and mission and vision and what "Fortiores in Fide" and "Admajorem dei Gloriam" means.
Well... There... If you do spot an atenean with these tips, feel free to either hate them or love em... But then again, this is just a textbook guide to an atenean and not all of this could apply to everyone. And yes, it pays to get to know these people because who knows, they may not be who they seem to be. as the Melanie Marquez puts it, "Dont judge the book... Cover it..."

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Roselyn Janelle said...

dre, this is blog is so true ..i was loling while reading this...i particularly like the no. 11...hahaha..:D

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