Tuesday, April 1, 2008


First, there was Beverly Hills 90210, then Melrose Place... Recently, there was the OC. And much to my chagrin, hindi nagpatalo ang pinoy. It started out with TGIS, then Gimik, then Click, then more recently, a cheesier, more wholesome OC rip off now fortified with more cliched teen angst and some family values, Luv2luv. And if it's not enough, these (rich and superficial) teen angst oriented TV shows have now invaded (virtual) reality TV. hence, we have "Laguna Beach" and its spin off, "The Hills". Let's just cross our fingers the local TV will not follow suit. Imagine how disastrous that would be.
No offense to the fans But I don't really get the hype behind these soaps about a bunch of idiotic, preppy, rich and totally white kids who obviously care more about shopping, broken nails, and dwindling relationships with equally idiotic boyfriends than the bigger things in life. WHO GIVES A SHIT?! So you drive a range rover and you visit a tanning booth a little too often that you're turning orange.... NO ONE CARES!!! and if it's not annoying enough, if you get a dime for every "OMG's" and "LIke, Okay..." they say, you'd be an effin millionare by now... seriously.... What's so spectacular about these shows? And common, take Laguna Beach for instance. These kids are just a tad too perfect it makes me gag! How much reality can you get from a bunch of rich tannorexhics with perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect bod and an almost perfect life to boot? Surely, there has gotta be a little cellulite here and there or a zit or two... But nada! not a hint of imperfection... And how come they're all white? What... there are no rich African Americans living in Cali? And Asians aren't too hot to be cast in the show?

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